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Here is a Quick Guide to help you find a reputable Online Hoverboard Shop in Canada

Are you looking to buy a hoverboard online? Are you worried about how to find reputable online sellers and not scammers? Take a read and learn some of the warning signs when buying a hoverboard through an online retailer. We are going to discuss how to make sure you are buying a hoverboard from a reputable online site.

Examples of Hoverboard Online Scams and Unreputable Sites Selling Hoverboards

Questionable sellers are not only based out of foreign countries such as China. They are right here at home in Canada as well. And you should be on the lookout. Scam hoverboard sites are not just about taking your money and not delivering. And based on customer reports, if you have a problem with your hoverboard the seller refuses to respond to your requests for service on your hoverboard. These are also sellers who do not provide warranties or support after you have bought your hoverboard. Your warranty is only as good as the company backing it up.

Hoverboard Scams in Canada

The Better Business Bureau occasionally warns of companies that they continuously get adverse reports and negative reviews about. The BBB even warned of a scooter scam by a company here in Canada. The company in question has a well-designed website and social proof of buyers for their scooters on their website. So, it looks very legit. But, persons ended up paying for goods they never received. The ones that did receive their hoverboards get defective goods that they are unable to return. Plus, they are not able to contact anyone at the company – not by phone, email, social media, webchat. Nothing. And now they have opened a new site which claims to offer Canada's Best Hoverboards but their poor reputation from last season means that they can't be a trusted place to buy a hoverboard.

And a second online hoverboard retail business in Canada was identified as a scam. This site has an online trust rating of only 30% by Scamadviser and there are multiple reports of buyers unable to contact anyone at the business after they have bought defective hoverboards.

But, when you think about these experiences and the details of the scam provided by the BBB, it actually gives you a blueprint of how to vet reputable online companies that sell self-balancing boards. There are hundreds of places to buy a self-balancing scooter online, and many of them are scams or unsafe places to make purchases. But, you can buy safe hoverboards online if you know where to look and what are the warning signs. And when you do, you can get high-quality hoverboards at a great price online.

If you would like more information about purchasing a hoverboard from Hoverboards Online in Canada, you can always call at 1-800-661-8789.