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This hoverboard website is operated by Super-Bee Truck Accessories. All product is shipped from our warehouse in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. We sell the most reliable and safest hoverboards in Canada at the lowest price. We have been in business since 1993 and will be here for a lot longer. When you order from us you are buying from us, we are not just taking your money and passing your order on to somebody else. We are here to support you in any way we can.

Our company started off back in 1993 by customizing pickup trucks for local customers and dealerships. Brent has always been one to want to go a step beyond what most people do and customizing trucks was one way to do that. In 2015 we were introduced to a new device called a hoverboard. The actual proper technical name is actually a self-balance scooter but the are most well known as a hoverboard. We got a few samples just before Christmas shopping season in November of 2015 and realized their potential. In January of 2016 we got our first large shipment in and started selling them online to customers all over Canada. We had heard of the potential hazards with poor quality ones sold in the USA and made sure that every one that we imported had UL certified batteries and chargers so that there would be no fire hazard. To date we have sold over 15,000 hoverboards and have never had a single case of fire or explosion. Our high quality standards for our hoverboards is a true testament to the quality that we demand.

Our first container of hoverboards had just over 1000 pieces and they were all what we now refer to as the Super-Six Classic, at that time we just called them "hoverboards" because that was the only style available. In July of 2016 we had another container land and it had some of the models that are still current. At that time we just called them Generation 1 hoverboards, Generation 2 hoverboards, Generation 3 hoverboards and Generation 4 hoverboards. We have since rebranded them to our "Super" series names. The original model is now a Super-Six Classic hoverboard. The Generation 2 because the Super Lambo hoverboard after the Lamborghini body styling. The Generation 3 hoverboard with the 8 inch wheels and Bluetooth speaker became the Super Lambo 8 hoverboard (We decided not to call it the Super 8 Lambo because we were concerned about being associated with the hotel chain, LOL) And the Generation 4 hoverboard became the Super Off Road hoverboard. The fat air filled tires make it the ideal choice as an off road hoverboard.

* Some remote locations that are not serviced by Purolator or Loomis may be charged additional shipping. Please contact us if you are in one of those areas for a shipping quote. Shipping charges to Yukon, Nunavut & NWT are shown at checkout.

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