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Christine from Petawawa

Rated ★★★★★
Verified Buyer of a Super-Six Lambo
I Liked your Facebook page. You guys rock and your service is amazing.

Dawn from Estavan

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Classic
We just bought a hoverboard a few months ago from you guys and it is awesome and so much fun

Dylon from Brampton

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Classic
Bought a hoverboard from them awhile back. Great service, and the hoverboard works great. My sis still uses it to this date! Still thinking about maybe buying one for myself. But I'll wait for now, don't have the money. Great service once again and you guys should all DEFINITELY check out the store!

Oleg from Delta BC

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Lambo
Bought a hoverboard for my son's birthday. Got exactly same day as asked. Thank you guys. Son was so excited

Nellie from Collingwood Corner NS

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Lambo 8
Just want to say THANK YOU so much ,the hoverboard arrived yesterday and is working Great,we have one happy boy today!!

Vic from Barrie Ontario

Rated ★★★★☆
Verified buyer of a Mini Kart Racer
Happy Holidays...I gave my grandson the mini kart (version 2) for his 10" hoverboard. He luvs it! I also got him the 5" wheel upgrade. Just a couple questions...can this 5" wheel replace the default wheel? If do you get the smaller wheel off without breaking something?
His hoverboard seems to be the type where the off switch is hard to get at once the seat is installed...and the straps are really tight for him to loosen. Would the strap upgrade(UKart 120) work on version 2 kart (there seems to be a tension clamp)? I look forward to your assistance. My grandson says 'I always get him neat stuff!'
Help me make this gift PERFECT!

Arrin from Weston NB

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super Off Road 10"
Thanks for everything Brent i will recommend superbee to everyone I know . All my best for 2017.

Margaret from Scarborough Ontario

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Lambo

Hi! Brent,                                                                                                     December 22, 2016

I received the new hover board. Thank you so much. I cannot express in words my son's happiness. You are such a great person. You keep up your word. People like you are very rare. Anyway my heartful of thank you to you. May the Lord bless you & your family forever. By the way my son liked this hover board. He is asking me, can I keep this. I know this is up grded one. The price also going to be change, but I do no I can affordable that. He is showing this to all his class mates. They said they want to buy one too. We will recommend your company. Once again thank you so much. May God bless you!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sean from Ottawa Ontario

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of two Super-Six Classic


Thanks for all your help on this Brent, I appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Manon from Montreal

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Lambo 8

Bonjour Brent!

I am so happy! I received it this morning!

My son will be so exited at Christmas.

You've been so nice to us! You're doing an extraordinary job and you care for your clients. I appreciated your kindness and your devotion. I guess sometimes you were tired to receive my emails full of anxiety! But you have always been polite and respectfull.

So I want to wish you a merry Christmas. Ours will be verry happy, in part becaus of you!

Merci infiniment Brent et Joyeux Noël!

Bonnie from Sydney NS

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Lambo 8 & a Super Off-Road Series

Purchased two hover boards for my grandson and have no issues with either one so far. He is having a blast. He loves the 10'' model. Thanks Brent!!

Christine from Cranbrook BC

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super Off-Road 10"

Service is excellent we just bought our second hoverboard. The first one had some issues with the battery, contacted the company and within a couple days they sent us a new one no questions asked. Very impressed with the service.

Ping from Edmonton Alberta

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Electric Hair Straightening Brush

Got one of the electric hair straightening brushes, for my daughters thick wavy hair. Was a hit with her, as it managed through her uncontrollable morning bed head. Plus, it was a good price as I've known people to pay for the same brush for over $150!!

Nayane from Toronto Ontario

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Classic

Love it 😍 very fast shipping wow, my daughter she very happy, very beautiful. Thank you very much to very great job 💖😎👏

Gaylene from Moncton NB

Rated ★★★★★
Verified buyer of a Super-Six Classic

A great big THANK YOU for the wonderful service 😊
We received our new hoverboard today !!