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Imagine that you need a yard light, maybe for the driveway, maybe for your campsite, maybe in a corral or maybe at the cabin. Well, the first thing you need to do is contact an electrician to see how much is it going to cost to get power to your desired location. Well a few hundred dollars later you can now buy a regular sodium yard light and start paying power bills.


Now you can simply put a ladder up and mount your light. No wires to run, no power bills to pay. Turn it on and off using the supplied remote control or set it for any of the 5 pre-programmed functions.


Solar Moon light, 4 watt, 720 lumen, 10 amp/Hr 3.2 v battery

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Solar Moon light, 8 watt, 1440 lumen, 20 amp/Hr 3.2 v battery

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Solar Moon light, 12 watt, 1800 lumen, 10 amp/Hr 9.6 v battery

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Black 5 inch wheel Folding Electric Scooter

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Enjoying the Outdoors. The Benefits of Solar Moon LED Lights for Outdoor Lighting


Have you ever thought about the benefits of combining solar-powered LED lights with smart technology and automation software for powerful lighting? If you have – and even if you have not – you need to check out the patented Solar Moon Lights available at Brent’s Cool Picks in Canada.


We all know the advantages of LED, but with a solar-powered LED light, you are getting the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at the patented solar-powered moon light which is the solution for your outdoor lighting problems.

Solar and LED Light Benefits

Solar powered lights have the benefit of not adding to your energy bills. And LED bulbs last much longer than their fluorescent or incandescent counterparts. They also do not carry as many harmful substances for the planet.


LED lights are energy efficient, and they produce better lighting – indoors and outdoors.

The Solar Moon Light Advantage

Solar Moon Lights are not just solar powered LED lights. These solar powered LED lights for outdoors are a high impact technologically advanced addition to outdoor lighting options.

Bright Shine and Wider Reach

The Solar Moon Light has a spherical shape. Because of this, it can illuminate a wider area outward from where it’s installed. This makes it one the best outdoor LED lights to brighten an entire garden, a parking lot, even a campsite.

Fast Charge and Long-Lasting

The solar moon lights come with a lithium ion battery that is high capacity and resistant to high temperatures. It is also a no pollution and stable battery. With a full charge, these lights can work up to 5 rainy days.

Adjustable Solar Panel

The solar panel on the top of the lamp can be adjusted horizontally or vertically so you can take advantage of the best angle to ensure maximum sun exposure. The monocrystalline panels are rated to last up to 20 years.

Convenient Lighting Modes

So, remember when we mentioned a combination of smart technology and automation? That is one of the defining features – and benefit – of this outdoor light. You can choose from four (4) different lighting modes and adjust these lighting modes as you like using a wireless remote control. And these four modes do not include the test mode (Demo) and off setting.


It comes with a motion detector. So, you can set it to reduce brightness when no activity is around and increase in brightness if it detects movement.

Easy to Install

You do not need any special skills to install this solar powered light. It comes with all the necessary nuts and bolts to mount it wherever you please. This can be on the side of a building, a roof extension, a pole/post. And it can be installed in 5 minutes or less. There is no external wiring to the light so you don’t need an expensive contractor to install it for you.

The Best Outdoor Solar Lights? We’d Like to Think So

We’re sure by now you can understand the concept of why it’s called a moonlight. It lasts all night, glows at a brightness you can control, and can brighten a wider space outward from where it’s installed.


So which option to do think is best – buy a regular yard light and increase your energy bills? Or invest in a quality yard light that is powered by the sun, has LED bulbs that last for years, and can give you better lighting coverage?


Enjoy every minute of the outdoors wherever you are in Canada – even at nights – with quality LED yard lights. If you want a solar-powered light that gives you all the benefits of solar and LED, then invest in a Solar Moon Light.