The Best Classic Original 6 inch Hoverboard in Canada

Key Features
  • 6.5" Solid Rubber Tire
  • 36 volt 4.0 aHr UL Certified Battery
  • Aluminum Wheel Hubs
  • BlueTooth Speaker
  • LED Lights 
Hoverboards are great family fun

Our Six Inch Classic Hoverboard is the Best Choice if;

  • It will mainly be ridden on Hard Surfaces
  • The rider is Still Learning or quite young
  • You want the Best Quality product at a Reasonable Price
Black Classic Hoverboard
Blue Classic Hoverboard
Blue Star  Classic Hoverboard
Graffiti Classic Hoverboard
Magenta Galaxy Classic Hoverboard
Pink Camo Classic Hoverboard
Red Classic Hoverboard

Canada's Best Classic hoverboard models at the lowest prices in the country.

Our Classic Six Inch Hoverboard is the best selling hoverboard in Canada. We have sold thousands of these Classic Hoverboards because they are cheap and reliable. If you are looking for a cheap starter hoverboard for your kid then this hoverboard is the model I would recommend. All models now include a BlueTooth Speaker to play your music while you ride.

Classic Six Inch Hoverboard

SuperBee Smart Board
The Best Quality Hoverboards Available
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Canada's Best Hoverboards
Our Best Seller

If you're looking for a classic style hoverboard then this is the model you want.

It's the best priced model on the market and we back it up with the best customer service and warranty. And these models now come with the newest electronics upgraded to the latest specifications to ensure a longer life and better control.

 Easy to learn, Fun to Ride. We only sell the safest, best quality hoverboards on the market.

Available in several colors.

All colours come with a Bluetooth speaker

Note - Wheel designs may not be exactly the same as shown.

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Our Commitment To Our Customers

Best Warranty

You don't want to have to fix your hoverboard so we offer a full parts and labour warranty. If you have any problems with your purchase we'll make sure to get it fixed for you. When you buy from us we take care of you.

Best Quality

You don't want your hoverboard to only last a year or two, so we order all of our hoverboards with the best parts we can source. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

Best Service

You don't want to have to spend your time on the phone or email waiting for a reply so we offer the best customer service in the industry. You, as our customer, are our most important asset.

Pricing Notes: Our Retail selling price is based on us importing a small quantity. Due to our large volumes we get manufacturer discounts and freight savings which we pass on to our customers and is how we set our Sale Price. Advertised discounts are any price reduction below that price.

The price is low and the quality is high.

It includes a UL Certified battery and charger and Full One Year Warranty, not the lousy 30 day or 6 month warranty the others offer. There are lots of companies selling hoverboards similar to these but can they say that they have been in business since 1993, have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and sell only the best hoverboards on the market? We can! We have sold over 10,000 hoverboards and have been selling them since June 2015. We are your best Canadian source for hoverboards.


SPEED Max: 12 km/h
Net Weight: 9.73Kg,
Max load 120 Kgs, Minimum Load 20 Kgs
Turning Radius is 0"
4000 m/Ah UL Approved battery
Power: 700 watts
Water Proof rating: IP54
Recharge time: 1-2 Hours, Operating time is 2 - 8 hours depending on load, terrain and battery condition
We provide an English Written Quick Start guide with every shipment, Not a confusing Chinese translated one.

Package Contents:

1 x Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard
1 x UL Certified Charger with Cable
1 x User manual

6.5 inch Hoverboard Carry Bag

SuperBee Smart Board
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Hoverboard carry bag.

This carry bag makes it easy to transfer your scooter without damage. Made of lightweight nylon for a durable construction. Fits most 6.5 inch hoverboards.

Extended Warranty

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Peace of mind protection for your hoverboard
Upgrade your warranty for an extra year. Adds an additional one year of coverage for replacement parts. You need to order warranty for each hoverboard in your order or else we will only apply the warranty to the first board on your order.

This warranty will increase your warranty term to two full years. It does not include shipping or labour costs. Warranty covers parts only and customer is responsible for shipping costs and labour if they chose to have us repair it for them.

Warranty does not cover failure cause by abuse, neglect, wear or water damage.

Hoverboard specifications

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What you need to know

An easy way to compare our models to our competitors.

We have found that most of our competitors skimp out on the most important aspect, the warranty. We have seen some that only come with a 30 day warranty but we back all of our hoverboards with a full one year parts and labour warranty.

We also use the highest quality batteries and electronics available, Do they? If they did they would be able to give you the same warranty that we do. Our hoverboards are built to stand the test of time. We want your purchase experience with us to be the start of a long term relationship.

We have been in business longer than any other hoverboard seller in the Canadian market for a good reason. 


All of our models feature a drive system driven by 2 powerful 350 watt motors.
 The motors are fully enclosed inside of the wheel housing for maximum protection and reliability. The battery is a UL Certified 36 volt Lithium battery which will last up to 8 hours depending on driving conditions and use. Distance to low battery varies a lot with a light rider on flat, smooth terrain being able to go up to 20 km while a heavier rider on a softer surface or inclines can kill a battery in as little as an hour. Recharging it is a UL Certified 110 volt charger and a normal charge takes about 2 hours. There is also a low battery warning indicator built into the board that will signal the rider when the charge gets down to about 20%. We make sure that all of our hoverboards exceed the required Canadian government certification for safety and long life.

This hoverboard weighs in at about 10 kgs and we offer carry bags for ease of transport.
 The minimum rider weight is 20 Kgs. The recommended maximum weight is 120 Kgs although heavier riders can easily use them if care is taken to prevent jarring and impacts.

The Six inch Classic Hoverboard is the Best Hoverboard for kids. The smallest size makes them easiest to ride for kids. If you are looking for a hoverboard for your young children then this is the one I would recommend.

Although properly called a "self balance scooter", everybody refers to these great units as hoverboards. This design is the classic original styling with the new generation electronics and UL approved batteries. When people say "Hoverboard" this is what comes to mind. Tried, Tested and True, There's nothing like driving a classic Hoverboard! All of our hoverboards come with a One Year Parts and Labour Warranty as well as a Guaranteed Lowest Price. If you find somebody selling the same model for less we will refund the difference. If we put it on sale then we will also give you the sale price even if you paid more.