Hoverboard Go Kart Seat Attachment
Hoverboard Go Kart Seat Attachment

Hoverboard Go Kart Seats

Our Hoverboard Kart adds a new use for your Hoverboard

Super HoverKart all in one race kart

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Boost it up to the next dimension! This All-in-one Super HoverKart is ready to cruise the streets or race a friend. No more slipping straps or loose parts, this unit is complete and ready to roll.
Power: 350W*2
Voltage: 36v
Charging Time: 2-4 hour
Range Per Charge: 20KM
Tire Size: 6.5 Inch
Max load: 120kg
N.W: 12.7kg
G.W: 15kg
Battery: 2.2ah

Gen 3 Hoverboard kart

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Stronger, Faster, Bigger
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The best hoverboard kart built. These newly redesigned hoverboard karts are the strongest and best hoverboard karts we have seen. Rugged steel construction, molded plastic seat and a larger wheel make this kart a sure winner.

Fits most hoverboards including all the models that we sell.

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No matter whether you are just buying a hoverboard for the first time or you have owned a hoverboard for a while, the purchase of a hoverboard go kart seat will add hours of fun to your hoverboard riding experience. These hoverboard seats strap on to your hoverboard and are a blast to ride. You can have hoverboard races with your friends or just ride around by yourself. Our hoverboard go kart seats are the best quality on the market and we stand behind them with our 90 day warranty. We offer upgrades to your hoverboard seats such as larger wheels or a better heavy duty strap system. to prevent the straps from coming loose.

 We only sell Canada's Best Hoverboards and the addition of a hoverboard go kart seat to your home will add hours of fun and excitement.