Key Features
  • 8.5" Solid Rubber Tire
  • 36 volt 4.0 aHr UL Certified Battery
  • Aluminum Wheel Hubs
  • BlueTooth Speaker
  • LED Lights 
Hummer style off road hoverboard

The Best Hummer Hoverboard in Canada

Our Hummer Style off road hoverboards are great for those that want to have an adventure with their hoverboard. The wide tires on these models are great for riding on soft surfaces such as grass, sand and other loose surfaces as well as hard surfaces like concrete and pavement. The tires are solid rubber so you never have to worry about getting a flat and they do well on trails but not as good on gravel as our 10 inch off road hoverboard.

Our Halo Rover Style Hoverboard with BlueTooth Speaker

Our Hummer Hoverboard is the Best Choice if;

  • It may be ridden off road in sand, grass or other soft surfaces
  • The rider is experienced with a hoverboard or other riding toys
  • You want the extra power and traction available with the Hummer model

The Hummer Hoverboard is a Hot Seller! The newest Hoverboard model in Canada is this Halo Rover style Hummer Hoverboard and its wide wheels make it a winner on rough terrain and soft surfaces. Go off road this summer with a Halo Hummer Hoverboard.

And our new Hoverboard Generation 3 hoverboard carts now fit on the Hummer Hoverboard

Please Note - We are currently out of Carry Bags for our Hummer Hoverboards. We have more on order that we expect to land by the end of September. Any orders that include a carry bag will be held and shipped when the carry bags arrive.

Hummer All Terrain Hoverboard

The Best Quality Hoverboards Available
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Canada's Best Hoverboards

Rated ★★★★★

Includes the industries Best One Year  Parts & Labour Year Warranty.

Cruise where you want with this fantastic new Hummer Off Road Hoverboard model. It comes complete with built in BlueTooth speaker, Dual 350 watt motors independently controlled, a UL Certified 36 volt Lithium Ion Battery. The maximum load is 130 kgs and it has a maximum speed of 15 km/hr. It's ability to climb a huge slope and it's super-wide tires make it a true off road champion.


Our Commitment To Our Customers

Best Warranty

You don't want to have to fix your hoverboard so we offer a full parts and labour warranty. If you have any problems with your purchase we'll make sure to get it fixed for you. When you buy from us we take care of you.

Best Quality

You don't want your hoverboard to only last a year or two, so we order all of our hoverboards with the best parts we can source. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

Best Service

You don't want to have to spend your time on the phone or email waiting for a reply so we offer the best customer service in the industry. You, as our customer, are our most important asset.

Pricing Notes: Our Retail selling price is based on us importing a small quantity. Due to our large volumes we get manufacturer discounts and freight savings which we pass on to our customers and is how we set our Sale Price. Advertised discounts are any price reduction below that price.

Our All Terrain Hummer Hoverboard is built to the same specifications as it's competitors with a much more attractive price point. Featuring the same components but at a much lower price.

Includes Built in BlueTooth speaker.

Note - We do NOT order these models in with the "App" as we feel that it is not a worthwhile feature as you can't use the BlueTooth speaker if you are using the App.

SPEED Max: 15 km/h
WHEEL SIZE: 215 mm
Net Weight: 14 Kg,
Max load 130Kgs, Minimum Load 20 Kgs
Turning Radius is 0"
4000 mAH Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Power: 700 Watts
Water Proof Rating: IP54
Recharge time: 2-3 Hours, Operating time is 1 - 8 hours depending on load, terrain and battery condition
We provide an English written Quick Start guide with every shipment.

Package Contents;
1 x Electric Self-Balancing Black Hoverboard
1 x UL Certified Charger with Cable
1 x Quick Start manual

Extended Warranty

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Peace of mind protection for your hoverboard
Upgrade your warranty for an extra year. Adds an additional one year of coverage for replacement parts. You need to order warranty for each hoverboard in your order or else we will only apply the warranty to the first board on your order.

This warranty will increase your warranty term to two full years. It does not include shipping or labour costs. Warranty covers parts only and customer is responsible for shipping costs and labour if they chose to have us repair it for them.

Warranty does not cover failure cause by abuse, neglect, wear or water damage.

This rugged off road hoverboard is designed for off road use. It's virtually unbreakable body has a military grade appearance. The quality of this hoverboard makes it an instant best seller. Powered by 700 watts of motors and a bullet-proof military grade Lithium battery this board will go where you want it to.

Are you looking to buy a high quality Hummer hoverboard online in Canada? Then we are your number one choice.

Among our  off-road hoverboards is our fan favorite — the Hummer Hoverboard. The Hummer hoverboard is an incredibly rugged design with innovative features and state of the art controls.

With the Hummer model hoverboard, users will get to experience complete control while riding on or off the road. The military style and design is up to date and attractive. If you’re looking to purchase this Hummer Hoverboard as your first one, either for yourself or as a gift, it's an excellent choice that will be sure to last for years to come.

Not only will you be riding this Hummer hoverboard in style, but this particular model has all the innovations and features you need to have an exhilarating time, on or off the road. In addition to the rugged styling, the innovative features of this model are what makes it such a popular product.

The technologies included in the Hummer Hoverboard include;
The latest Self-Balancing Technology. Using the most stable electronics available provides a self balancing function surpassing cheaper models.
Bluetooth Application and speakers. With the Bluetooth speakers built into the main electronics, riders can enjoy listening to their favorite tunes as they cruise the neighbourhood.
Automatic alarm to warn about over-speed and over-angle situations. The buzzer is a reminder that you are entering a potnentially dangerous situation or that the battery level is getting low.
Protective fenders above the wheels to prevent damage. The flexible guards stop the board from rolling away if flipped as well as ensuring that your foot does not get caught in the wheel.

An intuitive self-balance system
The design of the self balance features on this Hummer Hoverboard includes an intuitive control system. To accelerate you just need to lean slightly forward. The more you lean the faster it will accelerate. To slow down and decelerate the rider simply needs to lean back.  It is a totally natural feeling and movement that will be a reflex after only a few minutes of riding time.

You’ve likely seen videos of celebrities riding their hoverboards. Perhaps you’ve even seen the video of Justin Beiber zipping around town on his own set of wheels. With a bit of practice you can make hoverboard riding look that easy too. And yes, riding a hoverboard is easy and straightforward once you have overcame the initial fear of falling off. Here are  are a few tips for learning to ride your hoverboard.

First time riding
The first time you try to ride your hoverboard you may find it intimidating. Here are some basic rules to make it easier.
 Press the silver switch by the charge port to turn it on.
 Don't try to get on by lightly resting your foot on it, this will confuse the sensors and make it move in unknown directions. When you want to get on it you need to commit to it.
 Stand by a counter or other support and firmly step on it with both feet, one foot at a time, without delay, while holding on to your support.
 Once you’re standing on it you can try putting some pressure on your toes to move forward and on your heels to move backwards while using your support to steady yourself.
 A good place to learn is on soft grass. That way the hoverboard movement will not be as sudden and easier to control.
 Once you are comfortable you can try moving forward and backwards while keeping a hand on your support.
 Try to avoid obstructions on the floor such as rugs as these will present a new level of difficulty that you can learn to experience after you are comfortable riding it.
 Once you are sure in your ability you can let go of your support and test your new skills.
Getting off
The most important thing to remember when getting off is DO NOT JUMP OFF.
 The best way to get off is to find something to put a hand on and steady yourself and step off backwards one foot at a time.
 As with getting on, be sure to dismount quickly to avoid confusing the sensors.
 Step one foot off quickly followed by the other.
 Once you have stepped off you can turn the power switch off.
Notes on shaking boards
Sometimes if the rider is not very heavy the board may shake on one or both sides. This is an indication that the sensors are not being depressed enough. Sometimes having the rider move their feet outwards will help the condition. This is a normal situation and there is no repair for it. The minimum rider weight is 20 kg but our recommended weight is 40 kg to 130 kg. Riders over 130 kg may not damage the board but will cause increased wear that will not be covered by warranty. Due to manufacturing tolerances, sometimes a rider under 40kg will be able to ride one board fine but have another one shake while they are on it. There is not repair for this situation and is considered normal. Our website clearly states that the “minimum recommended weight is 40kg”

Wear proper safety gear

As with many other toys with wheels there is always the chance that the rider can fall off. Just like you occasionally lose your balance on your skis or skateboard, you can also lose your balance while on your Hummer hoverboard. And since the Hummer hoverboard can get up to 15km/hr it’s important to be cautious while riding, especially at higher speeds. The best way to prevent injuries or bodily damage is by wearing a helmet, pads and gloves every time you ride. This will lower the chance of sprains, fractures or injuring yourself.

Don't ride on busy roads
Although it may be tempting to ride your Hummer hoverboard on the streets you need to take precautions when it comes to traffic or pedestrians. If you're riding near a road and fall you could be seriously injured. Pay attention to your surroundings and stay focused on your riding.

And have fun

Getting out on your Hummer hoverboard and getting some fresh air should be a top priority to start and end your busy day. Riding your hoverboard encourages you to get outside, breath in some fresh air, and clear your mind and lungs. Whether you’re riding to work in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or taking your dog for a walk, your hoverboard will make your time spent outside much more enjoyable.