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Why won’t my hoverboard won’t turn on?

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Why won’t my hoverboard won’t turn on?

1 – The charger might be defective

2 – The charger may be plugged in the wrong way

3 – The battery may be defective

4 – The motherboard may be defective

5 – A wire may be unhooked inside your hoverboard

6 – Your hoverboard my have a fault that causes a system error

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Why won’t my hoverboard won’t turn on? 

How to fix your hoverboard when it won’t turn on

Your hoverboard is all charged up and ready to go but you turn it on and it either turns on and then shows a low battery after only a couple of minutes or it doesn’t turn on at all. Here are a few things you can try.

1 - Plug the charger in again. Does the light on the charger stay green or go red? If it stays green then your charger thinks the battery is full. It should go to red for at least a couple of minutes to top the battery up even if it’s fully charged so if it stays green when you plug it in you may have a bad battery charger.  If you have a friend with a hoverboard ask them to borrow their charger and see what it does. If it acts the same, the light on your hoverboard charger stays green, then it sounds like there is a problem with your hoverboard motherboard or battery. If the light on the new charger turns red and stays red for several minutes then maybe your charger is defective. Let your hoverboard charge until the light on the charger goes to green and give it a try. If it was a bad hoverboard charger it should take a couple of hours to fully charge your battery.

2 - But we have also seen another situation that can act the same way. Sometimes the charge port on the hoverboard has a locator tab that’s not big enough and then you can plug the charger into your hoverboard and have it so that it’s turned the wrong way. Even though it’s plugged in it’s not charging. To check this unplug the charger and have a look inside the charge port. There should be 3 pins and on the plastic plug you should be able to see the locator tab. Now look for the slot on the charger cord and line it up so that it will match up to the tab. Plug it in and see what happens. If the light turns red and stays red that was probably all that the problem was. The tab inside the charge port is supposed to prevent you from plugging it in the wrong way but the charger is made by one company and the charge port is made by another company and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. The good news is that plugging your charger in wrong won’t hurt your hoverboard or cause any damage or danger. The charge port has three terminals but there are only wires connected to two of them so even if it’s turned the wrong way it won’t cause any damage.

3 - If the charger isn’t the problem the you probably have a fault inside the hoverboard. You can easily get access to the battery by removing the bottom cover from your hoverboard. There are about 7 screws on each side of the case that you can take out. Then locate the battery. It is usually in a blue plastic cover and is the largest part inside of the case so it should be easy to find. It will have a two pin connector on it and you need to unplug the connector and check the voltage using a voltmeter. A fully charged battery will have between 36 volts and 42 volts. If the voltage is less than this and you have confirmed that the charger is working properly then it sounds like you need a new battery.

4 – If the charger works and the battery is OK then you may have a defective motherboard. Diagnosing a defective hoverboard motherboard is a process of elimination. Although this is not the last step in diagnosing a hoverboard that will not turn on it is the most likely next probable cause. Continue through the next few steps and if there are no other problems then replacing the motherboard is your next step in repairing your hoverboard that won’t turn on.

5 – Have a look at the wiring inside your hoverboard and pay attention to the charge port wiring and where it plugs into the motherboard. Make sure it is plugged in properly. It’s also a good idea to unplug it and plug it back in and see if your hoverboard will charge. If this is OK then there is only one more thing to check before replacing the motherboard.

6 – Check your hoverboard for trouble codes. If you don’t know how to find out the trouble codes on your hoverboard then you should contact us and we can tell you how to check the trouble codes on your hoverboard. If your hoverboard does have a trouble code then it needs to be fixed and your problem should be solved.


Now you know how to repair your hoverboard if it won’t turn on.