Alberta TrekPro eBikes

No matter what you have planned for it, the TrekPro series of eBikes will handle whatever you can give it and help you out when you need. These eBikes will deliver all the help you need with their with their 350W or 500W electric motor and 36V or 48V 10 ah lithium-ion battery pack. Whether its city streets, rain, snow, sand or trails they can take you there with no problem. Select from 5 levels of pedals assist on your LCD display or give it full speed with only the hand throttle. Ride along the wave of eBike users discovering how much more an eBike can be. These bikes have everything that you will need and will have you gliding through the toughest traffic or the most rugged terrain.

We upgraded all of our TrekPro eBikes so you don't have to.

All TrekPro bikes come with rear fenders and rack, waterproof connectors and a brake light. A value of over $200 (bikes with full suspension do not have a rear rack due to the suspension design) Some of the pictures do not show all of the options but they are included with all eBikes. (Does not apply to Metakoo bikes)

eBike Shipping Costs

Due to the size of the boxes that these eBikes come in we are required to ship them by Truck Freight and they will need to go to a depot to be held for you to pick up. If you require that they be shipped to your home address we will try to get a freight quote but most trucking companies do not deliver to residential addresses and if they do there will be an extra charge usually around $100.

You may find it easiest to pay by eTransfer and have them delivered to your work or another business address.


TrekPro 21 speed City eBike, 26 inch tires, Black


TrekPro 21 speed City eBike, 27.5 inch tires, Black

TrekPro City Bike

TrekPro 21 speed Mountain eBike, 26 inch tires, Black

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TrekPro 21 speed City eBike, 27.5 inch tires, White


TrekPro 7 speed Full Suspension Fat Tire eBike, 26 inch tires, Black


TrekPro 21 speed Mountain eBike, 29 inch tires, White


TrekPro 21 speed City eBike, 26 inch tires, White


TrekPro 21 speed Mountain eBike, 29 inch tires, Black


Included Options on all eBikes

We order our TrekPro eBikes with all the options already included so you don't need to add them later.
Brake light operation

LED Brake Light
Included with all eBikes, a $59.95 value

Waterproof connectors

Waterproof Connectors

Included with all eBikes, a $69.95 value

Fender and carrier

Rear Fender and Carrier

Included with all eBikes exc those with full suspension, a $69.95 value

Standard eBike Features

We make sure that all of our eBikes have the performance features that you need.

High output motor

High Output Motor
350 watt motors on City bikes, 500 watt motors on Mountain Bikes and Fat Tire Bikes

eBike battery

Performance Lithium Batteries
We order all our eBikes with high performance 10 amp hour Lithium batteries.

Disc brakes

Disc Brakes
All of our eBikes come with Disc Brakes for maximum stopping power 

Quick release battery

Quick Release Battery
Our Quick release battery mount allows you to hot-swap batteries for extended power assisted riding times

21 speed transmission

21 Speed Transmission (exc EKTFT26FS) with throttle
Our 21 speed transmission system and thumb throttle allows you to put as much (or as little) effort into riding as you want.

LCD Display

LCD Display
A 5 speed level LCD display lets you add whatever amount of pedal assist you need for your riding conditions

LCD Display

Gear selector

Gear selector

Rear wheel hub

Waterproof connectors


Brake Light