What are Super-Bee Smart Boards?

Sometimes we get asked by customers "What Brand Are Your Hoverboards and Scooters?"
Well our official answer is that they are Super-Bee Smart Boards, to which some people reply "Never heard of them"
So let me tell you how that name came to be.

We started importing hoverboards back in 2015 when they were one of the hot new items just released for the Christmas selling season. We only brought in a few with other product that we were importing from overseas. After the holiday season was over we brought in a shipping container full of them and proceeded to start selling them. At that point in time we didn't have any brand name for them and it didn't really seem to matter. But as time went on and more companies started selling hoverboards and spending money on branding them we found that customers started asking us what brand our were, either there were some brands that did not have good reviews that they wanted to avoid or there were brands that did have good reviews that they were interested in purchasing.

But what the customers and other people asking for the brand name didn't realize is that the brand name was really not important at all, the important thing was the quality of the company that you were purchasing your hoverboard from was what was important. All hoverboards are assembled in a few factories in China, and each factory will assemble the hoverboard with whatever quality of parts you are willing to pay for.
 If you want them to build you a cheap hoverboard then they will use the cheapest parts they can and you will have a cheap hoverboard that probably won't last long and may give you problems.
 If you want them to build you a high quality hoverboards with the best parts available for a long, reliable life then the factory can also build you that.
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

It was around this time that we decided it would be best to distinguish our hoverboards from some of the other brands so that our good quality name didn't get dragged through the mud by some lower quality suppliers. We chose Super-Bee Smart Boards as a name that reflected our company and the product line. We are know for having some of the best customer service in the industry and we knew that we could provide exceptional customer service and a high quality, well priced product offering.