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Great for a cabin

These lights are certain to be a hot seller. No wiring, easy installation, long life.

Solar Moon light, 12 watt, 1800 lumen, 10 amp/Hr 9.6 v battery. Effective at 14-18 ft mounting height.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking to add some lighting to an area that does not currently have power or if you are just looking to reduce your electricity bill, these solar powered LED lights will fit the bill. They are easy to install in minutes and provide an economical source of high quality security lighting.
No wiring
No power bills
No hassles

Great for
Auto Dealers looking for loss control measures from dimly lit areas of their lot
Farmers wanting more light in a location currently without electric services
Cabin and Lake Lot owners looking to add light to their unserviced property
Municipal governments as an economical way to light up parks and trails.
And anybody else wanting to provide more lighting without having to get a contractor to perform the work.

Remote control operation, Control the functions easily.
Wireless application-Integrated solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other accessories into one system, simple and stylish.
Micro-computer controlled, Radar proximity sensor system, The lighting control system and time control system ensure the efficiency of the battery.
Easy installation. No power required, no cables required, install in minutes.
Adjustable solar panel angle for maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion.
Lithium battery is engineered to replace traditional gel battery giving a longer lifetime.
The modular design provides cost effective design and standardized production.
Compared with traditional solar led lights, the Solar Moon Lights provide a much lower cost solution.

Pleasing modern appearance, simple yet functional.
The use of solar green energy is environment friendly, saving not only money, but also social conscience.
Low voltage design provides the ability to meet the Europe standard of CE RoHS FCC.
No Mercury, Lead or other hazardous materials.
IP65 grade waterproof.
Long lifetime of all components means no maintenance costs.