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Kids Jet Scooter

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Available in Yellow, Red or Blue

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Kid's Jet Scooter

Now your children can enjoy the fun of a Jet Powered push scooter.

100% Safe "Jet Flame" uses water mist to simulate a flame.

The two large front wheels provide stability and the rocket style sprayer simulate flames while being completely safe. The cool sound effects let you be a Star!
The wheels are made of the high quality Polyurethane creating a smoothest ride.
The wide deck and 3 wheel design make riding easy for kids of all skill levels and ages.
The handlebars adjust from 24 to 32 inches from the deck allowing your child to hold on to the comfortable hand grips.
Recommended for ages 3 and older, supports riders up to 110 pounds
The large aluminum reinforced brake pedal is easy to use for firm breaking pressure.
Steering is accomplished with lean-to-steer turning technology making it a great way way for kids to learn balance and coordination safely.
Designed for outdoor use as the Jet Sprayer discharges water.