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Electric Hoverboard Shoes

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Brand new arrival

An Electrifying Ride

Be the first in your neighbourhood to try a set of HoverShoes. They come complete with one powered electric shoe  and two glider boards. Use the glider boards to practice on until you get used to them then ditch the one glider and replace it with the remote controlled electric hoverboard shoe.

Once you get the hang of them you can ride like a Pro. Down the street or in the skatepark, all your friends will be impressed and amazed. Then your only decision is "Will you let your buddy get in on the action" or make him buy his own?

Our new Super Extreme Drift Skates are now in stock. They come complete as a three piece set, one powered and two gliders along with a remote control for the powered one. The gliders allow you to be able to practice without assist making it easier to master the art of Drift Skating. The powered board features a 3350 mA/hr battery and 350 watt motor.