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Finger Unicorn

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The newest Finger animal is a Baby Finger Unicorn.

Limited stock on hand

We got in a limited quantity of Finger Unicorns.

This interactive Finger Unicorn responds to your voice, actions and touch. The Finger Unicorns blink their eyes, turns her head and make a variety of cute noises. Pet the Finger Unicorn to make it sleep, blow her a kiss and she will blow one back. These are not WowWee brand and we don't claim them to be. The functions of this Finger Unicorn are similar to the WowWee Fingerling Unicorn. Warranty is 90 days from purchase which is the same as a WowWee Fingerling Unicorn.

If you can't find a WowWee Fingerling Unicorn at your local Toys R Us store buy with confidence from us. We stand behind our products.