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Folding eBike with pedals - Black

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Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter with 6.6 Ah battery. Our upgraded electric bike model provides a top speed of 25 km/hr with an assisted range of up to 50 km.

Frame material: Aluminium alloy 
Max speed: 25km/h  
Range per charge on Pure electric: 10-15 Km / 20-25 Km / 35-40 Km 
Range per charge Assisted: 20-25 Km / 35-40 Km / 45-50 Km
Battery: 36V 6.6Ah 
Charger: 2Ah / 2Ah  UL certified
Charging time: 2 to 4 hours

Go green or get your exercise with this collapsible electric bike with pedals. Although it looks like a traditional bike it operates on a powerful 6.6 aHr lithium battery with the additional benefit of pedals to extend the range or conquer steep hills, this electric bike can hit speeds of up to 25 km/hr while providing a 50 km range on a full battery, making it a perfect for getting around town effortlessly.
This pedal assisted model electric bike is a great choice for commutes or adventures with the additional benefit of saving money.
The High-capacity lithium-ion battery operates on 36 volts to take you to speeds of up to 25 km/hr
With a fully charged battery you can go up to 30 km on battery only or up to 50 km with the pedal assist
Recharges in 2 to 4 hours making it very convenient to operate
The digital display tracks the distance traveled and battery level.
The rear disc brake helps you quickly stop when needed so you can stay safe on the road
The LED headlight are easy to activate at dark to illuminate the road ahead.
A built-in reflector and red LED brake light helps keep you safe on the road
With an IP54 water resistant rating ensures your bike will withstand the weather and road conditions
Air-filled tires provide a comfortable ride with stability and traction on the road