What wheel size hoverboard should I buy?

Hoverboard wheel size
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Find the right one for your needs
Are you confused about the different sized hoverboards? Then let us help explain it.

Did you know that the size of the wheel of your hoverboard makes a big difference in your hoverboard experience indoors and outdoors? That’s because your hoverboard wheel size matters and here’s why.......

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A comparison on hoverboard wheel size and why it matters

Did you know that the size of the wheel of your hoverboard makes a big difference in your hoverboard experience indoors and outdoors? That’s because your hoverboard wheel size matters and here’s why.

For most of these electric scooters the only difference between them is the size of the wheel. The design and construction of the hoverboard are mostly the same except where a design element might be as a result of the size of the wheel.

So, if the main difference between hoverboards is the wheels, what does the wheel size contribute to your hoverboard experience? Read on and find out.

What Are Your Hoverboard Wheel Size Options

Hoverboards come in three main wheel sizes:

  • 6.5-inch wheels
  • 8-inch wheels
  • 8.5 inch Hummer style
  • 10-inch wheels

There are also 4.5 inch wheels which are designed for kids aged 5-10 years. These boards go at half the speed of a standard 6.5 inch hoverboard. But the main factor that impacts use of this size is the weight of the person using the board. So, this size is suitable for children between 30-135 pounds (10kg-60kg). Unfortunately, the design of the electronics for light riders was not very stable and most companies have discontinued the 4.5" wheel hoverboards due to ongoing problems.

The 6.5-inch Hoverboard Wheel

The most common wheel size is the 6.5 inch. It is the original size and most popular choice by far. The design prevents punctures to your tires as it’s a solid rubber base without a tube. Designed to accommodate persons between 44 pounds and 220 pounds (20kg – 100kg), it can be fun for the whole family.

Advantages of the 6.5-inch wheels

  1. Because of the size of the wheels, you are limited to smooth surfaces.
  2. The lower you are on the weight scale, the better the ride on this size wheels will be.
  3. Low ground clearance of this hoverboard means you can get stuck in grassy areas or damage the base in uneven terrain.

8-inch Wheels

The 8-inch models are bigger and wider than the 6.5 inch and therefore a little more stable. Hoverboards with 8-inch wheels tend to have a higher pad level from the ground, and they provide a better foot base for older individuals – ages 10 and up.

This size is good for outdoor use and accommodates persons who are a bit heavier.

Advantages of the 8-inch Wheels

  1. Great for paved areas and outdoor use
  2. You may notice a slight increase in speed compared to the 6.5-inch hoverboard due to the larger wheels.
  3. They have wider footpads and are a lot more comfortable

8.5 inch Hummer style

The 8.5 inch Hummer models have extra wide wheels that are advertised as Off Road Hoverboards. The wider wheels are great for going over soft surfaces such as grass and sand. The extra wide tires provide great flotation on soft surfaces.

This size is great for outdoor use and accommodates persons who are a bit heavier as they have a different frame which is stronger.

Advantages of the 8.5 inch Hummer Style

  1. Ideal for outdoor use on soft surfaces and uneven areas.
  2. Works well on hard surfaces and rough pavement 
  3. The Best for grass and sand
  4. The heaviest weight rating

10-inch Wheels

This is the off-roading hoverboard. At 10 inches, these larger tires impact the quality of the ride whether for short distances or a long commute. It makes the ride smoother over steep hills, bricks, cement pavements, etc. As you can see, the larger the wheels the more comfortable the ride over uneven surfaces. You will definitely feel the difference in how your knees and spine feel after a ride outdoors on a hoverboard with 10-inch wheels.

Advantages of the 10-inch Wheels

  1. Ideal for outdoor use including gravel.
  2. You can enjoy a smooth ride on different types of terrains.
  3. Flexible air-filled tires are the best for absorbing impacts for rocks and debris
  4. Hoverboards with 10-inch wheels have tube tires which are easy to replace

What Hoverboard Wheel Size Should You Buy?

Now that you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the different wheel sizes, it’s time to shop for that perfect hoverboard for you or a loved one.

If you’re looking for an option for a small child, then the choice is clear – get a hoverboard with 6.5-inch inch wheels. These boards are bestsellers especially because of their cost. If you intend to use your hoverboard indoors or over evenly paved areas, then the 6.5-inch is for you.

If you are a heavy outdoor user and much more experienced, then the 8-inch, 8.5 inch Hummer style or 10-inch would be best for you.

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Are Hoverboards Safe?

Are hoverboards safe?
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Learn how to buy a hoverboard that's safe

Is there a risk of my hoverboard catching fire?

Everybody has heard the horror stories of hoverboards catching fire in early 2016 but has anybody told you that Canadians have never had to worry about that? Read more.......

Are hoverboards safe?

How to buy a hoverboard that's safe

Hoverboards, or electric scooters, have risen in popularity over the past few years. And with that rise has also come more uncertified factories manufacturing unsafe hoverboards. These hoverboards fail to meet basic safety standards adopted by reputable manufacturers in Canada and the USA.

And when you buy these uncertified personal transportation devices, they cause major problems. Some have led to thousands of dollars in damage from house fires, and even death.

What Makes a Hoverboard Safe?

As a self-balancing scooter, hoverboards are intricately designed pieces of equipment. There are many parts that affect the quality of the hoverboard. These include:

  • electrical circuit boards
  • lithium-ion batteries
  • an electric motor
  • Bluetooth chips, and
  • hoverboard chargers.

If your hoverboard carries any defective or inferior quality parts, then your whole hoverboard will be affected.

Signs to Look Out for When Buying a Hoverboard

Hoverboard fire safety concerns are growing. And with the many instances of exploding hoverboards, these concerns are justified.

But, there are some simple things that you can look out for when buying a hoverboard, especially online. Here are a few areas to scrutinize when buying your new hoverboard.

  • The Hoverboard Price:

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. And you will find many hoverboards for sale on eBay, Amazon, and individual company sites priced extremely low. They can afford to sell those boards at low prices because they were not made to meet the safety criteria of quality hoverboards. Cheap hoverboards are not a safe buy.

  • The Seller Reviews:

Yes, you should read reviews with a cautionary eye because you will have persons with malicious intent trying to ruin reputations. But, if the negative reviews are all along the same line, these are signs you should look elsewhere. Some reviews to look out for include the company not answering calls, they don’t honour guarantees, the boards are defective, etc.

  • Certifications:

You will find several online sellers of fake cheaply made hoverboards. And these will not have UL certified components and chargers because they would have used inferior components to keep the price down. You should, therefore, only purchase hoverboards where the hoverboard components, the charger, and the battery pack are all UL certified.

Where to Buy Safe Hoverboards?

You should find a legitimate company that specializes in hoverboard sales. They should have easily accessible customer service and ready to assist with any queries you have.

Or, you could call us directly at 1-800-661-8789. We would be happy to help you choose the right style and size hoverboard.

What Happens if I Get my Hoverboard Wet?

What Happens if I Get my Hoverboard Wet?
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Water can damage your hoverboard if you're not careful
Did you drive your hoverboard in the rain and are wondering if it will damage it? Here is the professional answer to what happens if you get your hoverboard wet.

Did you drive your hoverboard in the rain and are wondering if it will damage it? Here is the professional answer to what happens if you get your hoverboard wet.

All hoverboards that I know of have an IP rating of 54. If you look it up IP54 means the following. IP means “Ingress Protection” or the amount of Dust, dirt and moisture that it is sealed against.

The first digit “5” refers to dust and dirt. A 5 rating means that it is protected from particles 1 mm and larger. That number is really not that important because all the bearings that could be affected by dust and dirt are sealed so the actual moving parts are rated a 6, meaning “protected against particles that may cause harm”.

The second digit, the “4” is the one that refers to water and moisture. The rating of “4” means it is protected against spray at 60 degrees from vertical. So if water is sprayed lightly at it from above at a 60 degree angle it should not enter the case. That means that if it rains on it there should not be any water getting into the electronics. (Unless you leave it out in a storm with driving rain) We also have found that driving on a wet surface after a rain does not cause water to enter the electronics. But if you drive through a puddle the water may splash inside from the bottom if the water is too deep. And getting it wet enough that water actually gets inside of it will just about guarantee damage to the electronics.

  We actually found a company in Canada selling hoverboards that says that if you get your hoverboard wet it’s not a problem and that you should just turn it over to let the water drain. But if it doesn’t work after they give you a link to buy replacement parts. Because they know that if you get your hoverboard wet you’re going to need to buy some parts, even though they told you it was OK to get it wet.

So in conclusion, keep your hoverboard dry, if you do have to drive it on a wet road it’s probably OK but do your best to keep the electronics inside it away from moisture.

Are Hoverboards Legal in Canada

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Find out if hoverboards are legal in your province

The easy answer to the question are hoverboards legal is “Yes”  But the real answer isn’t so straight forward.

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The easy answer to the question are hoverboards legal is “Yes”

But the real answer isn’t so straight forward. Hoverboards in Canada are legal if you are not riding them on a street, sidewalk or other public place. But if you are riding on road or sidewalks the answer is different. The law in Canada states that a motorized vehicle can’t be driven on a sidewalk and a hoverboard is motorized so there is a “No, they are not legal” and although you can legally drive a motorized vehicle on a public road it Canada it needs to be licensed and the is no licensing classification for a hoverboard in Canada so once again that makes them not legal to ride on roads either.

As for getting a fine or a ticket we’ve sold over 10,000 hoverboards and have never heard of anybody getting a ticket for riding on a sidewalk or road. But use some common sense. If your riding down the sidewalk or road by your house and the police see you I’m sure that it won’t be a problem. But if you decide to drive on the street in downtown Toronto during rush hour I bet that they’ll be pulling up to talk to you.

There is a “less reputable hoverboard shop in Canada that tells everybody that hoverboards are legal and that is a total lie. They aren’t concerned about you, they are only wanting to sell you a hoverboard. But would you want to buy a hoverboard from somebody that told you an outright lie? I wouldn’t. Buy from an honest re-seller because if they lie to you about legally driving a hoverboard on the road in Canada they will probably lie to you about a lot of other things (Such as the warranty or quality of the hoverboards they are selling)

Read the full article about Hoverboard legality in Canada here

Don't Get Ripped Off When Buying a Hoverboard Online

Don't get ripped off.
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Beware of Fraudulent Hoverboard Websites
Questionable sellers are not only based out of foreign countries such as China. They are right here at home in Canada as well. Scam sites are not just about taking your money and not delivering. Scams can also include online sellers that sell defective products which are not UL certified or carry fake UL labelling..........

Examples of Hoverboard Online Scams and Unreputable Sites Selling Hoverboards

Questionable sellers are not only based out of foreign countries such as China. They are right here at home in Canada as well.

Scam sites are not just about taking your money and not delivering. Scams can also include online sellers that sell defective products which are not UL certified or carry fake UL labelling. These defective hoverboards will cause injuries. And based on the seller, you cannot repair your hoverboard when something goes wrong within weeks of your purchase. These are also sellers who do not provide warranties or support after you have bought your hoverboard.

Hoverboard Scams in Canada

The Better Business Bureau occasionally warns of companies that they continuously get adverse reports and negative reviews about. The BBB even warned of a scooter scam by a company here in Canada.

The company in question has a well-designed website and social proof of buyers for their scooters on their website. So, it looks very legit. But, persons ended up paying for goods they never received. The ones that did receive their hoverboards get defective goods that they are unable to return. Plus, they are not able to contact anyone at the company – not by phone, email, social media, webchat. Nothing.

And a second online hoverboard retail business in Canada was identified as a scam. This site has an online trust rating of only 30% by Scamadviser and there are multiple reports of buyers unable to contact anyone at the business after they have bought defective hoverboards.

But, when you think about these experiences and the details of the scam provided by the BBB, it actually gives you a blueprint of how to vet reputable online companies that sell self-balancing boards.

How to Buy Safe Hoverboards Online

Here are some of the signs to look for when buying a hoverboard online.

  • Accessibility: The company selling the hoverboard should be easily accessible. When you call, someone should answer or they should call you back the next business day.
  • Customer Reviews: If a business or company has mostly negative reviews online, then you should avoid buying a hoverboard from them.
  • The Website Details: One of the factors that Google uses to rank websites is how long it has been published and the length of time bought for hosting. Granted, new businesses may not have the resources to purchase hosting for more than a year, but if the site is young, has multiple negative reviews, and does not look like it will be around for a while, then you need to reconsider your purchase.
  • Age and Reputation of the Company: If a company has been in business for a while, even if they are newer in the hoverboard market, they would have built up a reputation over time. For example, we have been in business since 1993. And though we do not pay to have a full profile on BBB, our primary company holds an A+ rating on BBB.
  • The Type of Hoverboard: You should not consider businesses selling hoverboards that do not come with UL certifications for the battery pack and charger. And if the price seems too low for a quality hoverboard, it probably is.

Where Can I Buy a Safe Hoverboard in Canada?

There are hundreds of places to buy a self-balancing scooter online, and many of them are scams or unsafe places to make purchases. But, you can buy safe hoverboards online if you know where to look and what are the warning signs.

How to Repair your Hoverboard

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Helpful tips on repairing your hoverboard
Something happened and now your hoverboard isn't working right. Maybe it won't even turn on at all. Or maybe the red light on your hoverboard just stays on. Well we can help you out ..........