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Find out if hoverboards are legal in your province

The easy answer to the question are hoverboards legal is “Yes”  But the real answer isn’t so straight forward.

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The easy answer to the question are hoverboards legal is “Yes”

But the real answer isn’t so straight forward. Hoverboards in Canada are legal if you are not riding them on a street, sidewalk or other public place. But if you are riding on road or sidewalks the answer is different. The law in Canada states that a motorized vehicle can’t be driven on a sidewalk and a hoverboard is motorized so there is a “No, they are not legal” and although you can legally drive a motorized vehicle on a public road it Canada it needs to be licensed and the is no licensing classification for a hoverboard in Canada so once again that makes them not legal to ride on roads either.

As for getting a fine or a ticket we’ve sold over 10,000 hoverboards and have never heard of anybody getting a ticket for riding on a sidewalk or road. But use some common sense. If your riding down the sidewalk or road by your house and the police see you I’m sure that it won’t be a problem. But if you decide to drive on the street in downtown Toronto during rush hour I bet that they’ll be pulling up to talk to you.

There is a “less reputable hoverboard shop in Canada that tells everybody that hoverboards are legal and that is a total lie. They aren’t concerned about you, they are only wanting to sell you a hoverboard. But would you want to buy a hoverboard from somebody that told you an outright lie? I wouldn’t. Buy from an honest re-seller because if they lie to you about legally driving a hoverboard on the road in Canada they will probably lie to you about a lot of other things (Such as the warranty or quality of the hoverboards they are selling)

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