What wheel size hoverboard should I buy?
What wheel size hoverboard should I buy?
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Are you confused about the different sized hoverboards? Then let us help explain it.

A guide to buying your first hoverboard

Did you know that the size of the wheel of your hoverboard makes a big difference in your hoverboard experience indoors and outdoors? That’s because your hoverboard wheel size matters and here’s why.......

A comparison on hoverboard wheel size and why it matters

Did you know that the size of the wheel of your hoverboard makes a big difference in your hoverboard experience indoors and outdoors? That’s because your hoverboard wheel size matters and here’s why.

For most of these electric scooters the only difference between them is the size of the wheel. The design and construction of the hoverboard are mostly the same except where a design element might be as a result of the size of the wheel.

So, if the main difference between hoverboards is the wheels, what does the wheel size contribute to your hoverboard experience? Read on and find out.

What Are Your Hoverboard Wheel Size Options

Hoverboards come in three main wheel sizes:

  • 6.5-inch wheels
  • 7-inch – 8-inch wheels
  • 10-inch wheels

There are also 4.5 inch wheels which are designed for kids aged 5-10 years. These boards go at half the speed of a standard 6.5 inch hoverboard. But the main factor that impacts use of this size is the weight of the person using the board. So, this size is suitable for children between 30-135 pounds (10kg-60kg). Unfortunately, the design of the electronics for light riders was not very stable and most companies have discontinued the 4.5" wheel hoverboards due to ongoing problems.

The 6.5-inch Hoverboard Wheel

The most common wheel size is the 6.5 inch. It is the original size and most popular choice by far. The design prevents punctures to your tires as it’s a solid rubber base without a tube. Designed to accommodate persons between 44 pounds and 220 pounds (20kg – 100kg), it can be fun for the whole family.

Advantages of the 6.5-inch wheels

  1. These boards are best for indoor use as they can maneuver well in small spaces that have limited obstacles or uneven surfaces.
  1. Because of the size of the wheels, you are limited to smooth, flat surfaces.
  2. The lower you are on the weight scale, the better the ride on this size wheels will be.
  3. Low ground clearance of this hoverboard means you can get stuck in grassy areas or damage the base in uneven terrain.

8-inch Wheels

The 8-inch models are bigger and wider than the 6.5 inch and therefore a little more stable. Hoverboards with 8-inch wheels tend to have a higher pad level from the ground, and they provide a better foot base for older individuals – ages 10 and up.

This size is good for outdoor use and accommodates persons who are a bit heavier.

Advantages of the 8-inch Wheels

  1. Great for paved areas and outdoor use
  2. You may notice a slight increase in speed compared to the 6.5-inch hoverboard due to the larger wheels.
  3. They have wider footpads and are a lot more comfortable

10-inch Wheels

This is the off-roading hoverboard. At 10 inches, these larger tires impact the quality of the ride whether for short distances or a long commute. It makes the ride smoother over steep hills, bricks, cement pavements, etc. As you can see, the larger the wheels the more comfortable the ride over uneven surfaces. You will definitely feel the difference in how your knees and spine feel after a ride outdoors on a hoverboard with 10-inch wheels.

Advantages of the 10-inch Wheels

  1. Ideal for outdoor use and in uneven areas. You can enjoy a smooth ride on different types of terrains.
  2. Hoverboards with 10-inch wheels have tube tires which are easy to replace

What Hoverboard Wheel Size Should You Buy?

Now that you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the different wheel sizes, it’s time to shop for that perfect hoverboard for you or a loved one.

If you’re looking for an option for a small child, then the choice is clear – get a hoverboard with 6.5-inch inch wheels. These boards are bestsellers especially because of their cost. If you intend to use your hoverboard indoors or over evenly paved areas, then the 6.5-inch is for you.

If you are a heavy outdoor user and much more experienced, then the 8-inch or 10-inch would be best for you.

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