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KN95 Certified Face Masks

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Adult Size Only, Child Size not available

These KN95 certified respirator masks provides a high filtration efficiency with a comfortable and adjustable fit through 4 layers of filtration protection from harmful contaminants. 


  • Meets national Asian KN95 standard, with high filtration efficiency, and low resistance
  • The built-in concealed aluminum strip fits the cartilage of the bridge of the nose. By adjusting it, the gap of the mask can be avoided to fit the face more closely and comfortably  
  • The surface layer is needle-punched non-woven fabric, non-toxic, odorless, non-allergic, and non-irritating
  • With N95 filter material, the mask has a filtration rate of 95 percent so you can trust you are protected against the inhalation of harmful pollutants
  • This respirator, which is efficient and dust-proof, lets you stay away from odor, dust, pollen, haze
  • Three-dimensional cutting allows the respirator to form a 360-degree three-dimensional breathing space
  • Folding design is more convenient to carry than formed masks
  • Ear-loop design for faster removal
  • Fabric headband without staples which are comfortable to wear in hot and humid conditions
  • Nose foam for comfort with eyeglasses