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This is NOT a Xiaomi brand scooter

Xiaomi Style Electric scooter, Ten inch wheels, 36 volt 10 aHr battery, 350W motor

The latest model electric scooters are taking over the market. With a huge range provided by the high output 10 aH battery, 2.5 inch wide, 10 inch tall honeycomb style solid tires and front and rear brakes these are some of the best electric scooters ever sold in Canada. The 3 speed system provides for a Econo, Comfort and Sport Modes simply by pressing a switch.


FW-H10B Electric Scooter Features

Xiaomi Style Electric scooter, Ten inch wheels, 36 volt 10 aHr battery, 350W motor

If you have ever rented a Lime, Bird, Skip or Spin Electric scooter then you will know how easy they are to ride and convenient. But why pay when you are using one every day? With an average ride on Lime Scooter costing $5.00 then if you rent a Lime or Bird Scooter twice daily you could own a scooter in less that 2 months. And the cost to charge it is virtually pennies per day.

Powerful 350W Motor: A powerful 350w motor drives the e-scooter at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Toggle between 3-speed modes. Econo mode propels the scooter at a max speed of 10 km/h. Comfort mode propels it at a speed of up to 15 km/h. Sport mode propels the scooter up to 30 km/h. Effortlessly climb up to 15-degree inclines.

Distance Range: Head out to the class, work or grab a coffee downtown. Reach and incredible distance of up to 40 km on a single trip. Fully recharge the battery in 5 to 6 hours. Quickly get back out on the road to your next destination. Compare to other brands using smaller batteries and you'll be glad you bought the larger battery.

Simple Compact Design: Made up of high-grade light alloy aluminum material weighing at only 17 kgs. The e-scooter is capable of holding an adult up to 120 kgs (264 lbs). Easily fold in seconds to store or carry anywhere on the go with you. It is the ideal transportation device.

Display Features: Keep track of your speed and battery level. The control panel will display 4 LED lights, which indicate battery life at the bottom of the display. And number 1-2-3 in different speed modes when you press the power button once to switch, above of the 00 is the speed monitor.

Safety and Comfort: Ride longs periods of time comfortably and safe with upgraded 10" anti-slip solid rubber tires. Equipped with a safe brake system. Simply press the hand brake to activate the mechanical disc brake located in the rear wheel. Safely ride at night with the assistance of rear and side reflectors and a flashing light when braking.

Listed maximum range is under ideal conditions (Level ground, light rider, light acceleration, Eco Mode on)
Under normal conditions (average rider weight, varying terrain, average driver input) expect to get 40-70% of this mileage
Under extreme conditions (heavy rider, hilly terrain, sport mode on, aggressive driving) expect 20-50% of this value


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FW-H10B Electric Scooter Canada Specifications

Tire size :10 inch honeycomb tire
Width of tire: 2.5 inches
Body material: Steel and Aluminium Alloy
Climbing angle: 15°
Max mileage: up to 35 kms
Max speed; 25 hm/hr
Max load: 120KGS
Motor Power: 350W Brushless electric motor
Battery: UL Certified 36V 10 Ah Lithium Ion battery (40 battery cells)
Charging voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ, 42V/1.5A
Charging time: 5-6 Hours
MODE: Low, Normal, Sport
LCD display : Speed Range + Power Display Time
Brake system: Front electronic brake, rear drum brake
Light: LED front light + LED brake light
Ground clearance: 15 cm
Weights: Net - 14.0 Kgs, Gross (with box) 16.0 Kg
Body size: 1100 mm * 420 mm * 1145 mm 
Folded size: 1100 mm * 420 mm * 520 mm 
Waterproof: IPX4x (Dustproof, not waterproof)

One year warranty