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This is NOT a Dualtron Brand Scooter

Dualtron Style Off Road Electric Scooter, 3200 watt, 60 volt, 25 aHr

Dualtron Style Off Road Electric Scooter, 11 inch off road tires, 60 volt 25 aHr battery, dual 1600 watt motors

The ultimate electric off road scooter. 3200 watts of dual drive power (1600 watts for each motor), up to 70 km/hr, 55 degree maximum climbing gradient, up to 75 km range.

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Although this is not the exact same scooter this video will guide you through the features and operation of our new Off Road scooters

Listed maximum range is under ideal conditions (Level ground, light rider, light acceleration, Eco Mode on)
Under normal conditions (average rider weight, varying terrain, average driver input) expect to get 40-70% of this mileage
Under extreme conditions (heavy rider, hilly terrain, sport mode on, aggressive driving) expect 20-50% of this value
Pricing Notes: Our Retail selling price is based on us importing a small quantity. Due to our large volumes we get manufacturer discounts and freight savings which we pass on to our customers and is how we set our Sale Price. Advertised discounts are any price reduction below that price.

Frame material; Aluminum Alloy + steel
Color: Black
Weight: 52 KG
Max Loading: 250KG
Hill grade:55°
Motor: 60V 1600W * 2 (Dual drive)
Wheel size:11 Inch 9cm width OFF -ROAD/ROAD pneumatic tires
Battery: 60V 25Ah Battery
Top speed: 70-80 KM/H
Max mileage : up to 75 kms 
Controller: 60V 37A*2
Light: Front lights & Rear light + decoration lights on the deck
Brake: Front and Rear oil disc brakes
Suspension: HYDRAULIC SPRING Suspensions