We are Canada's Largest Volume Hoverboard Store

We have been selling and servicing hoverboards since 2015 and have sold over 10,000 of them across Canada. We perform all repairs and maintenance in house and stock all the necessary repair parts. We have a 5 Star customer service rating and we guarantee you will be happy when you shop with us.


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If you want the Best Hoverboards in Canada you are at the right place. We always keep hundreds of hoverboards in stock & ready to ship. Our customers tell us we have the Best Customer service on the Highest Quality Hoverboards in Canada. We are celebrating 26 years in business in 2019.

The hottest new seller is the Hummer Hoverboards! They are the ultimate off rod hoverboard model and can go places ordinary hoverboards can't go. And Our 10 inch Off Road Hoverboards are the Best for camping, cabins and rough terrain use. We are the number One hoverboard shop in Canada for a reason. Low priced, high quality hoverboards and the best customer service in Canada.

All of our "High Quality Hoverboards" come with one year parts and labour warranty. Nobody else offers a warranty program as good as ours. We offer Free shipping on hoverboard orders over $200 to 94% of Canadian addresses. Free shipping on hoverboard orders over $400 to Atlantic Canada.

At Brent's Cool Picks we sell all the Best Hoverboards at the lowest prices in Canada. Classic 6 inch hoverboards, Lamborghini hoverboards, BlueTooth models, Off Road Hoverboards and Hummer Hoverboards. We have the Best Prices, the Highest Quality and the Largest Hoverboard Selection in Canada. We offer a 30 Day Low Price Guaranty on All Hoverboards we sell! One Year Parts & Labor Warranty on All of the Best Hoverboards in Canada!

Download our Hoverboards Canada brochure here

We guaranty that we have the best hoverboard prices in Canada on our top quality, safe self balancing scooters. These are the best hover boards in Canada. Our quality is unequaled and we use only the highest quality parts in our electric scooters.

Why do people refer to us as Hoverboards Canada? Easy, because we sell more hoverboards than anybody else in Canada.

We have become the largest Retail Hoverboard Store, Online Hoverboard Store and Hoverboard Warehouse in Canada for several reasons.

1 - The Best Prices in Canada

 We make sure that we have the best prices on hoverboards in Canada and we back it up with a 30 day best price guaranty. If you find the same hoverboard for less money within 30 days of your purchase we will credit you the difference.

2 - The Best Quality in Canada

 We have went directly to the hover board factories in China and talked to them about the need for the best quality control on our hoverboards. Our boards are rigorously tested to ensure the best quality right at the factory and we do spot tests on them to make sure you are getting the best hoverboard for your money. We use the top of the line self balancing electronics and software that we can to make sure that your hoverboard lasts for years to come.

3 - The Best Selection in Stock Anywhere in Canada

 If you want to sell more hover boards than anybody else in Canada then you need to stock more hoverboards than anybody else in Canada. Does Costco only have one pack of batteries on the shelf? Does WalMart only have one Scooter on the shelf? No, they have hundreds or thousands. And we stock hundreds of hoverboards in the slow season and thousands of hoverboards during the holiday shopping season. And if we don't have the hoverboard you want in stock in our Canadian warehouse, we will tell you. We won't lie to you or lead you on like we have heard that some other online stores do.

4 - The Best Customer Service in Canada

 We have the Best Customer Service in Canada for Hoverboards and electric scooters. If you send us an email we will reply within a few hours, if you phone us we will answer during business hours or phone you back the next morning if you call after hours. We have had many customers tell us about the poor customer service from other hoverboard shops in Canada. I can even show you some websites for hover boards in Canada that are frauds and will take your money and not ship your scooter. We have been in business since 1993 because of our great customer service.

5 - The Best Warranty in Canada

 All of our hoverboards have a One Year Parts and Labour Warranty. If you have a problem with your hoverboard we will repair it at no charge. And if we can't repair it then we will replace it. Or, if it's easier for you, we will ship the parts to you anywhere in Canada. Other online stores only ship you the parts and make you repair your hoverboard yourself. We will provide the parts AND labour at no cost to you for one year. We also offer a two year warranty at an additional charge. We have been told that other hoverboard shops won't even return emails if they see you want warranty on your hoverboard.

6 - The Most Types of Hoverboards in Canada

 We are known for having the most types of electric scooters in Canada in our warehouse. We currently offer the following types of hoverboards in stock; Generation 1 Hoverboards (Super Six Classic Hoverboards) Generation 2 Hoverboards (Super Six Lambo Hoverboards) Generation 3 Hoverboards (Super Lambo 8 Hoverboards with Bluetooth) Generation 4 Hoverboards (Super Off Road Hoverboards with 10 inch tires) Nexxt Generation Off Road Hoverboard models with 10 inch tires, Super Hummer Halo Hover Boards with 8.5 inch Off Road tires, Super Xaiomi Segway style Hover boards with 10.5 inch tires. We also stock 4 different models of electric folding scooters and the popular hoverboard kart.

7 - We are the Most Established Seller of Hoverboards in Canada

 We have been in retail sales and service since 1993. Yes, 2018 will be our 25th anniversary in helping consumers. We have been in business this long because we offer great customer service. Last year we were selling our hoverboards though another online store called Hoverboards Online Canada, but somebody else had a name that was very similar and they did not provide very good customer service and people confused our names and we got blamed for their failure to return phone calls or emails. We would get yelled at by customers and then when we asked for their order number we would realize that they didn't buy it from us. Most would apologize and then tell us they wished they had bought from us because we treat customers how they should be treated, fairly and with respect. That's why we have been in business since 1993.

Before you buy a hoverboard from anybody else in Canada be sure you ask if they can offer you as much experience and knowledge on hoverboard sales as we can?